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Gomez was the pitcher that day, and when he was asked how far the ball traveled, he said, "I don't know, but I do know it took somebody 45 minutes to go up there and get it back!

30 most intimidating baseball players-68

(But Sam Mc Dowell still insists that he was better with the ladies than Sam Malone!

) In his very first at-bat, future Hall of Fame knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm hit a home run.

Ruth's replacement, Ernie Shore, promptly picked off the runner on first base, then retired the next 26 batters, finishing bimprobable "perfect game." But if the keen-eyed Ruth was correct that the first batter shouldn't have been awarded first base, it really was a perfect game!

Babe Ruth was the best left-handed pitcher of his era, and Red Sox manager Ed Barrow was understandably reluctant to tamper with success by letting him play in the field.

The odds of the same fan being hit twice during the same at-bat, and breaking bones both times, are beyond astronomical.