Dating in mamaroneck matchmaking ny

Her enterprise transcends simply linking seemingly like-minded people. She charges 0 for matchmaking, New York State's old maximum fee, and around ,000 for allied consulting services.

She prowls charity events, academic seminars and private parties in pursuit of someone who seems right for a client. In her two years in business, three of her couples have married.

Sam Cohen, a 30-year-old computer consultant, experienced "a particularly dry spring, socially speaking." He swallowed hard, and went to a dating service.

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"You're selling people happy-ever-after, their greatest hopes and dreams," said Trish Mc Dermott, executive director.

"You're not selling cars." The opportunity to exploit is clear.

They find them more alienated, less willing to look you in the eye.

Many are demanding: a 50-year-old male atheist wanted only female atheists in their 30's.

It is also a potentially great business in a city where many are rootless but few are fancy-free and where lunch is, for many people, the only social occasion.