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In 2000, Lena showcased her range and leading lady qualities in the college thriller "Gossip," in which Lena is college student Cathy Jones opposite James Marsden.

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Looks like the Red Viper could be in line to fill a Walter-White-sized-hole in television, but to test the theory we pit Pascal against Lena Headey, aka the Queen.

Because if you can come away from Cersei unscathed, you can handle anything.

The Red Viper is the best part I’ve ever played, and in season four shocks come at the most unexpected times.

You might think you know, but you have no idea,” he explains.

In 2003, Lena appeared in the Ray Winstone / John Malkovich suspense film "Ripley's Game." 2005's "The Cave" was another reliable adventure/horror in which Lena coasted, but "Imagine Me & You" (released the same year) was a refreshing departure, this time playing a lesbian opposite her "The Cave" co-star Piper Perabo.