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In contemporary times a husband is married to only one wife and in most religions, marrying a second time while the first wife is alive is considered illegal; Islam is the only major religion that has still retained the practice of allowing up to four wives per husband.Domestic violence is relatively common in some predominantly Muslim countries, with, for instance, over half of all Palestinian Muslim women reporting being beaten in the previous year.

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The dowry not only supported the establishment of a household, but also served as a condition that if the husband committed grave offences upon his wife, the dowry had to be returned to the wife or her family; for the time of the marriage, they were made inalienable by the husband.

Husband further refers to the institutionalized form in relation to the spouse and offspring, unlike father, a term that puts a man into the context of his children.

Although “husband” seems to be a close term to groom, the latter is a male participant in a wedding ceremony, while a husband is a married man after the wedding, during his marriage.

Upon marriage, he or his family may have received a dowry, or have had to pay a bride price, or both were exchanged.

In Islamic marital jurisprudence, husband is considered protector of the household and his wives.