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I don't want to be bitter toward my mother and I was hoping my sadness about this would go away, but it continues to fester and remind me of how she's never been as proud of or kind to me as to her other children. Dear Eldest, Good for you for not even being slightly tempted to suggest your stepfather attend the running of the bulls on his summer vacation, or take up BASE jumping as a hobby.I also admire your ability to separate your feelings about your mother from the objects of her affection—her husband and their daughter—and not take your perfectly understandable resentment out on them.But as this website points out, genital size, like eye color and height, are traits inherited from both parents.

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I adore my half sister (who is significantly younger than I am) and my stepfather and begrudge them nothing, but I find myself resenting my mother.

I've always felt like her least favorite child, especially compared to my half sister. I'm ashamed of having peeked at her will and I'm skeptical that a conversation with her about it would go over well.

You have one ambiguous (though substantial) piece of evidence for your theory that your parents’ divorce was due to your mother’s infidelity.

But maybe your mother discovered that while she was gestating your father’s third son, he was the one cheating on her.

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