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Low quantities of the drug residues were determined by HPLC using a Hypersil ODS column (125 × 4.0 mm, 5 μm) at 25°C with the mobile phase metanol-water-triethylamine (70: 30: 0.2, v/v/v) at a flow rate of 0.6 m L/min, injection volume of 50 μL and detection at 278 nm.

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Validating an hplc method

Delegates may choose to attend either the first 2 or all 3 days.

The course is also available as online course, check the website for dates Dr Mark Powell is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) with over 25 years’ experience as an analytical chemist.

This primer gives a review and a strategy for the validation of analytical methods for both methods developed in-house as well as standard methods, and a recommendation on the documentation that should be produced during, and on completion of, method validation.

It also describes what is important when transferring a method.

Analytical method validation, determining the recovery rate from the equipment surface, and stability of a potential contaminant are important steps of a cleaning validation process.