Dating outside my race

Morals and values differ from household to household as well as culturally.

If race were the single deciding factor for morals and values, people from the same town and the same race should never get divorced, if they marry.

One of the arguments used against dating inter-racially is the differences you may encounter when you’re dating someone of a different race or cultural group.

has provided single people with tools to find and connect with others from across the globe.

Not surprisingly, this has contributed to an increase in people dating outside of their culture or race.

In 1967, Mildred and Richard Loving were sent to prison for being married to each other, due to a law that prohibited interracial marriage in Virginia at the time.

The case was taken to the Supreme Court where it was declared unconstitutional, and from that point on it was legal throughout the entire country for anyone to marry people that are outside of their own race.

Each generation in a family, generally, has grown to accept interracial dating more and more over the past 50 years.