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PCE is generally associated with dry cleaning, but can also be used for metal degreasing and is an ingredient in paint strippers.

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The Heavenly Gondola and casinos are just a short drive which appeals to both the locals and vacationers alike. 1,000 homes in Al Tahoe, with styles ranging from the historic “Tahoe Cabin” to larger, newer construction.

With a history dating back a hundred years the homes reflect the ever expanding growth in the area. Al Tahoe has a mix of ranch style, chalets and contemporary homes.

Seven Springs and Fox conducted an investigation into the site from 2003 to 2008, and in 2010 began remedial work through an air sparge and soil vapor extraction system.

However, staff at the Lahontan Water Board assert that the PCE plume emanating from the site has never been fully defined, and it is unknown if the contamination is solely from the Laundry Works site or if there are other responsible parties."Protecting Lake Tahoe's pristine drinking water supplies is a top priority for the Lahontan Water Board," said Lahontan executive director Patty Kouyoumdjian.

At Fanny Bridge, spanning the point where lake waters outflow into the Truckee River, go ahead and support the name by peering over the edge to see the lake’s resident trout swirling in the clear water below.