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We’re so excited for you.” Turning to Abby, Tucker responded, “Thank you! Ergo, it is no surprise that you are getting your new show at 7 p.m. Following in the footsteps of sexy Maria Molina surely was more than a tad daunting.

Ergo, he played the role of the sycophant by not showing the fig but showing the socks.

” On cue, a collage of innocuous Aly FNC clips ran: Unfortunately, it appeared to have been cobbled together at the last minute by an intern who had little knowledge of Aly’s tenure on the “Fair and Balanced” network.

Bizarrely, there was no real footage of Aly with her week day boys, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade either (“Aly’s Back: She’s Rocking–& Ringless“).

We used some video that was Condaleezza Rice at the top of this program, not Susan Rice. That was just a file tape.”** Chiming in, Dave declared, “She has nothing to do with this story.” Looking into the camera, Christine earnestly said, “That was just a, a tape snafu. Perhaps, the F&FW suits have learned from the time they awkwardly replaced Fox & Friends co-anchors Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly with Ainsley Earhardt, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris without notice to co-host Ainsley sat between guest co-hosts Pete and Clayton on the curvy couch and Abby Huntsman was the newsreader. ” Even though she was the queen of the co-anchor seemed crystal clear.