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The paper considers how findings compare to Ghana’s larger cities, and possible implications for theory and for planning.The most common reason for farming was food supplementation.

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A compelling finding, which has received less attention in the literature, is the extent of, and roles played by, what this study refers to as ‘institutional land.

Both Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s policy framing, and market crisis theorising, of the drivers and role of UA were not found to be an accurate reflection of Techiman and Tamale’s UA.

Portugal withdrew, largely due to their national broadcaster's insufficient promotion of their music-based media, while Romania had originally planned to participate, but was forced to withdraw due to repeated non-payment of debts by their national broadcaster to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The contest was also the first to implement a voting system change since 1975: each country's professional jury points were announced largely as before, while the results of each national televote were combined and announced in reverse order.

A record-breaking 204 million viewers worldwide watched the contest, beating the 2015 viewing figures by over 5 million.