Baby shower dating game questions

At the start of “Go”, the blindfolded player will open a jar of applesauce and using a plastic spoon, will feed their teammate sitting across from them.

The first duo to finish feeding all of the applesauce, wins.

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Once the player reads their card, for example “Never have I ever changed a diaper”, whoever in the group HAS done this action before, including the reader, has to take a drink – you can even do shots of milk to keep in theme.

Keep going around the circle until you’ve run out of cards.

Feed The Applesauce Direct attendees to pair up into teams of two.

Choose one member from each team to be blindfolded.

When the music stops, whomever is left holding a bottle has to drink the juice from the bottle. Pee On A Stick This game allows everyone, even the men to get a glimpse of what it may feel like to pee on a stick!