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Below is a small sample of the media coverage that our exhibition has received: The New York Times The Washington Post Voice of America PBS News Hour Fox 5 Live with Holly Morris The Wall Street Journal We are not currently recruiting new volunteers for the Hall of Human Origins, but please see the National Museum of Natural History's volunteer opportunities webpage for more information.

(IPL MEDIA RIGHTS AUCTION LIVE)It all started with the 23-year-old Bollywood star posting a picture of a bicycle on her official twitter handle with a caption stating: “The perfect trip with the most amazing partner. ” While her fans complimented on how beautiful the picture was, Hardik Pandya quoted her tweet and stated: “Can I guess? Great click by the way.”Naturally, it took Twitteratis by storm and got further fuelled by Parineeti Chopra’s reply to Hardik Pandya’s tweet where she stated: “Hahaha. ” That was perhaps the tipping point for their fans who were completely convinced that the duo were seeing each other.

However, a day later, the Bollywood star clarified that the gossips and rumours were worth nothing as she simply meant to endorse a product and her new phone. I couldn’t imagine that a beautiful photo and a simple caption could actually demand a video.

Connect with your distant ancestors at the Hall’s life-size forensically reconstructed faces of early human and learn about major milestones in the origins of human beings.