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A 6-day trek will cost around 850,000 COP per person (though if you speak Spanish you can potentially bargain lower.)Once a prison island, Isla Gorgona is now part of a national park which lies 48km from the Pacific coast. The site is famous for its huge stone sculptures dating back to 1 CE, some of which are over 3,200ft tall and weigh tons.

You’re likely to see snakes, bats, monkeys, and sloths when you get here, but the boat journey offers many chances to see humpback whales, sharks, and giant sea turtles. The site was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995. The Amazon basin covers almost one-third of Colombia and is the perfect place to do some jungle trekking.

Discovered in 1972, Ciuadad Perdida is the remains of an ancient city lying in the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia.

Visitors make the lengthy trip through the jungle to see the 169 terraces built into the mountainside.

You can also buy some freshly-packed coffee at the end of most tours for a much cheaper price than at the supermarkets.