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Along with that rail, the fixed (yet flippy) iron sights of the 556 Classic have been replaced with Picatinny mounted flip-up iron sights.Since we’re up here at the top of the gun, let’s talk about another feature from the Swiss rifle.

In this gun, that same piston will then pull the bolt and bolt carrier forward and back into battery, completing the cycle.

Its a nifty design for sure, but I have some concerns about putting a spring into the same compartment where you are directly venting gasses.

The stock easily folds to one side, and unlike the American AR-15 design the gun can be easily and reliably fired with the stock folded.

At the rear of the gun, there’s a mounting location for a sling swivel or eyelet.

Which is a little strange, since the rest of the gun seems to be made from quality parts and well machined yet they went with a chintzy plastic magazine. So much for the general overview, let’s get to the feel and function.