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It was illegal of course but the school turned a blind eye to it. 'Make me cum Jimmy and that way I can flush it out.' Jimmy had no choice but to eat the shiny bald pussy that was fucking his face until she once again grunted and his face was saturated by her orgasm. Miss Hindmarsh got off him and laid by his side toying with his now hard again cock. It's time for you to service Monica.' Jimmy bent down to pick up his shorts and shirt. You can have them back when we've finished with you.' She took Jimmy by the hand and led him upstairs to their bedroom where Monica was lying on the bed naked apart from her black hold ups and high heels stroking her hairy pussy. Monica grabbed him and easily turned him onto his back before straddling his head and placing her hairy muff onto his face. 'Mmmm Jimmy I think I'm going to enjoy this,' she said as she started to grind on top of him.

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'Mum, you know I'm seeing Mrs Martin later this morning and she'll be wanting me firing on all cylinders! Oh well all's not lost,' she said crawling up her son's body then placing her thighs either side of his head before lowering her wet pussy down onto his face. He did this several times before inserting his tongue deep inside her. A grey suit with a knee length skirt and jacket over a white silk blouse. Someone has called in sick unfortunately,' explained Julia.

Spurred on by her gentle moaning he traced his way towards her bum hole and licked around it, tasting her sweaty, tangy perspiration. 'Anyhow I wasn't going until I'd had that lovely big cock of yours.' Julia sat on the arm of her black leather sofa and beckoned Jimmy towards her where she proceeded to unzip his shorts and pull them down to his ankles. That's handy,' she said with a smile as she stroked him to hardness. Jimmy slid his eight inch hard throbbing cock into the older lady's pussy as he gripped her hips and started to fuck her. Oh shit, I won't last long with this stroking in and out of me!

He hadn't to get up for school as it was the summer holidays and he was enjoying a dirty dream. ' His mother Judith had sneaked into his room and under his covers. He heard the obligatory click clack of high heels on the tiled floor as Julia opened the door and ushered him in.

Half awake he dreamed that he was getting his cock sucked. Suddenly he heard slurping noises that woke him completely. 'Just getting your cock nice and hard so I can have an early morning ride before I go to work.' she replied. ' Jimmy ran his tongue between the folds of his mother's labia and over her opening before licking back towards her clit. Jimmy was surprised to see her dressed as if she was going to work. 'I've been asked at short notice to sit on an appeals committee this morning so I have to rush back into school.

It only took a few minutes and he was rock hard again thanks to the little blue pill. Jimmy climbed on top of her and looked down at the splayed beauty, her large chest heaving in anticipation of Jimmy's hard cock.

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