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In New Zealand, where both brothels and street solicitation have been decriminalized for adults since 2003, working conditions have improved for some people, but not for everyone, said SAS's Robert Beiser.

"More educated white folks in New Zealand who are voluntarily sex workers may be saying, 'This is great.' But every year, the State Department's Trafficking in Persons report says there are thousands and thousands of aboriginal people and children being exploited, and thousands of immigrants brought to New Zealand and sold to white people." (This year's report notes that many victims of sex trafficking are brought to New Zealand from Asia.) But Briq House argues that it's inaccurate to conflate sex work with human trafficking.

The bot may be flirty, asking things like "Where u at hun?

" Also, often the decoy bot reveals in the course of texting that "she" is not actually 18 years old but, say, 15.

According to SAS, the most effective bots are the fake 15-year-old girls. "Buying sex from a minor is a felony and can cause serious long-term harm to the victim," the message may read. Buying sex will not fulfill what you are searching for.

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    It is often quite difficult to recognize that you are being groomed because the adult may initially make you feel happy, in order to get you to trust them. Your relationship may develop very quickly over a matter of weeks or you may be in contact for a number of months or years before being asked to engage in any sexual acts with the person online or in real life. If you are contacted by someone you don’t know online, they may not be who they say they are and could be a lot older than they are telling you.

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