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Michelle Kish, from Illinois, US, was born with Hallermann-Streiff syndrome – a condition so rare that at the time of her birth that there were only 250 known cases worldwide.

Symptoms include distinct round, childlike facial features and a form of dwarfism that means Michelle only comes up to just above her sister’s waist.

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“She lights up people’s lives with how happy she is.

She knows that she is different but it doesn’t bring her down,” she added.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I want one, because I am already 20 and Sarah had her first boyfriend at high school,” said Michelle.“I would love a boyfriend with lots of hair.

I was having a conversation with my mom about football, and not being really up to date on players, she mentioned Joe Namath as her favorite - then she mentioned something about him wearing panty hose way back then. Hopefull he didn't play football in that condition.

I was worried how are we going to care for our child who had a rare genetic disorder that was one in five million.”Michelle requires round-the-clock medical care through the night and has a dedicated nurse to travel with her to school.