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Hotel rewards with equivalent value can be found in the Starwood Preferred Guest card, which is another of our most popular. You can also check out our article with a comprehensive list of credit card alternatives for those Canadians that had the Amazon or Marriott cards.Greedy Rates Staff I’m reading the terms for Home Trust.We’re also pretty frustrated with Chase, as their Amazon and Marriott cards were some of the most popular cards in Canada.

It might not feel great to be pigeonholed into buying something you don’t want, even if it costs $0.50, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to save big bucks on your next vacation overseas.

Greedy Rates Staff Hi, please note that the above answer is incorrect.

By the way, for those who think you’re avoiding foreign transaction fees by having a U. Dollar credit card, unless you earn American dollars, you’re not avoiding anything. Received an offer to switch to SPG for 25, 000 points, which did not really seem that lucrative and it does nothing for us in terms of FOREX. I am wondering if I am missing something, and hoping someone can help.

I have a Scotia Bank Infinite Momentum VISA, with a first-$25000 spend 5% cash back on all purchases. You see, the 2.50% foreign transaction fee is only applied to purchases made outside of Canada, with a currency other than CAD.

If the foreign exchange is 2.5%, am I still effectively earning 2.5% cashback (5% purchases – 2.5% fx), or is there some finer point to the math that I am not factoring in? If you currently live abroad or make your purchases exclusively from the US, for example, then your math is correct.