youtube started as a dating site - Lonely heart dating site

Sebastian cancelled his first date with Claire a week after they had met online, claiming a crisis at the primary school where he worked.

On the day of their rescheduled date, he stood her up, saying he was in hospital after tearing his cruciate ligament playing football.

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Sebastian, however, wasn’t prepared to give up on Claire.

He sent her a photograph of a bottle of her favourite scent with a hand-written note which read: ‘Why would I buy you a bottle of perfume if I had no intention of meeting you?!?

Ali had received money as a gift from Sebastian, and he’d told her it had been transferred from his sister’s account because of fraudulent activity on his own.

As the investigations continued, one woman’s name emerged again and again.

The youngest of four children born to a machine fitter and his wife, she was educated at Catholic schools, and has A-levels and a degree which she completed via long-distance learning at Camarthen University.