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Picard: There are many parts of my youth that I'm not proud of...

sometimes a lifetime of painstaking, detailed work to get results. I'm sure the work you've done here will be hailed as a stunning breakthrough.

ship (or a United Earth Starfleet ship that housed M.

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Doug [Jung] and Simon [Pegg] may have worked up something [on an official launch date], but if they did it never made it to script or screen.

was disbanded and the ship was reclassified as a Starfleet ship [with the USS identifier]. It was important to everyone that the ship, like Edison, predate the Federation; that thematically, the ship mirrored an earlier time in history and served as a bridge in design between then and the NX-01.

If you want the official explanation on the Franklin and it’s warp factor: it was a M.

service, which was absorbed into the Federation Starfleet after the Romulan War concluded and the United Federation of Planets were founded in 2161.

All we can see of Jupiter telescopically are the upper cloud layers, as painted by Paul.