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I want to start off by saying that I am a big fan of the no contact rule, simply because it works. Your emotions are running the show, your ex-girlfriend is acting like she’s never acted before, and you’re pretty sure you couldn’t be feeling any worse.The concept is simple: cease all forms of communication with your ex. You and her are no longer together, but your heart, your body and your soul long for her. (I couldn’t cover all there is to know about the no contact rule in this article.He is extremely beautiful and he is an utterly delightful, charming man ... Dame Judi went on to recall a 'unbelievably rapturous scene' with fellow actor Tom Bell in the 1965 film He Who Rides a Tiger, adding: 'That was quite a day.

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It is also not going to usher in the end of your suffering from one day to the next (although with time it will help you to feel better).

No — no contact is primarily about making your own wellbeing your number one priority.

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It is about grabbing the steering wheel and taking back control over your life.