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In 1928, Dopyera and his brothers formed a company to produce these guitars.The company was called DOBRO for DOpyera BROthers, but the word also means "good" in the Slovak language.

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Some of the world's best violins and cellos come from this part of the world.

Petrof pianos have been built in Hradec Kralove since 1864, Hofmann & Czerny in Jihlava since 1871.

When I wrote my original article about Eastern European guitars [Guitars of the Cold War, Vintage Guitar Magazine, January 2002], I was still in the process of researching the roots of these instruments.

In the first two installments, I had focused on Russia almost exclusively, though I did mention Jolana guitars briefly.

That year, the company got a new manager, a certain Josef Ruzicka.