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They walked up to the decks where he was standing - but he blanked them.

Bel said: "He didn't acknowledge us, but for the first time I felt like he had no control over me.

However, in March Bel began to worry and decided to message Lisa on Facebook.

Bel said: "I found out Steve had started seeing her near the end of our relationship. "They had a very intimate relationship and at the same time he was making me feel like I was the love of his life.

I was totally disgusted." What neither of them knew was Steve was also seeing a third girl, Jess, after they matched on Tinder in January - despite her living in Wales and him in Australia.

In a newspaper interview about the bizarre mix-up last month, Jess said: "I was attracted to his dark brown eyes straight away and swiped right.

Jess Maverick, 29, from Cardiff, was introduced to Aussie DJ Steve Collins, 29, from New South Wales, Australia, when a glitch on the dating app matched them.