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If you wouldn’t show your family or friends the image, then you shouldn’t share it online with people you do not know.

Online groomers can be both men and women of any age over 18, although they may not always be honest about their age.

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By ‘indecent’, we mean a photo in which you are either: naked, topless, showing your genitals, performing a sexual act or masturbating.

If you are under the age of 18 and have a picture taken of yourself, wearing minimal or no clothing, it can be referred to as child abuse material (child pornography).

If possible, try and record as much information about the event as this will help others take action against the individual to protect yourself – e.g. You can also report what has happened to the online platform on which you are chatting via their Safety Centre (if they have one), or the ‘Report Abuse’ button on this site which will send an online report to the police. If you see something online that you think could be a sexual image or video of a child, you should tell a trusted adult such as a parent, carer or teacher, straight away as that child may be in danger.

Even if you are not sure, it is best to speak to someone who can help. Everything you share or post online – whether that be images, videos or profile information – makes up your digital footprint and can be used by strangers to identify and even locate you but also make unwelcome contact with you.

The results of this study show the aggressive and rapid way that children are targeted by adults for sexual purposes.