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Mona decides to date both Chase and Lorenzo, much to their dismay. Season 4, Episode 6October 24, 2005Dee Dee and Brett (Joey Lawrence) are rebuffed by a client (Ace Young) who wants to trade in his baseball career to become a singer.

Season 4, Episode 20May 1, 2006Dee Dee gets upset when she suspects that her new sports client is using her to set up dates with a mistress; Mona tries to get over her breakup with Chase by taking her anger out on her coworkers. Season 4, Episode 8November 14, 2005Dee Dee gives Spencer advice on how to win over a classy woman (Taraji P. Season 4, Episode 5October 17, 2005After Dee Dee accidentally starts a grease fire in her apartment, Phyllis arranges for Mona and herself to have lunch with one of the firemen. Season 4, Episode 4October 10, 2005A smug sports agent (Joey Lawrence) is paired with Dee Dee in an effort to sign a big-shot football player (Aldis Hodge).

Season 4, Episode 18April 17, 2006Dee Dee takes Brett out to dinner to persuade him to write her a good job-performance review, but things don't go as planned when they both drink too much; Mona and Spencer trick Adam into thinking that he won a sweepstakes worth more than $1 million. Henson), but then has to help him get rid of her when she turns out to be a control freak and won't let him go. Also, Spencer has big news for his friends; and helps Adam, who's down in the dumps. Mona and Spencer, meanwhile, contemplate online dating. Season 4, Episode 3October 3, 2005Mona throws a birthday party for herself and Dee Dee, but her mom gives her a present that doesn't sit well with her. Season 4, Episode 1September 19, 2005Mona is surprised when a handsome new tenant (Charles Divins) in her building is attracted to her.

But before that occurs, Grissom goes on a four-week teaching sabbatical, and his departure proves difficult for Sara.

To help cover the night shift while Grissom is away, Mike Keppler (Liev Schreiber), an experienced CSI from Baltimore who is the latest hire on the day shift, comes aboard.

The death leads to an inquest and threats from the victim's family.